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Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Ghous-e-Azam (r.a)

October 11, 2011

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani also famously known as Muhiuddin and Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) is the biggest name in the line of sufi saints who had befriended no one but Allah Almighty and reached a status that was unparalleled during his generation and for all time to come.

The excellence of this renowned Wali Allah (the friend of Allah) has been above all of the Aulia who had been honored with friendship of the Almighty. This could be understood by Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam’s (r.a) following statement which he said while delivering a sermon on the pulpit:

 “My feet are above the neck of every friend of Allah.”

It is said that when Sheikh said this statement he was sitting in Baghdad but this statement was heard by every friend of Allah on the face of Earth, and all of them bowed on hearing this statement.

The events relating to Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) were indeed remarkable and are testament to his exalted status. When Hazrat was born and was only a few days old, his mother relates an interesting feature of his early days. She says:

 “When my son was born it was the first of the Holy month of Ramadan. My son did not take milk during the hours of fasting during Ramadan, and only took it during the night or before the Morning Prayer. It was as if he was observing the fast.

Next year it so happened that when moon was being sighted for Ramadan, the sky was cloudy and it was not possible to sight the moon. So, I sent a message to the people that today my son had not taken milk which means that today is the first of Ramadan. Later it was confirmed that it was indeed the first of Ramadan.”

Tomb of Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) in Baghdad

Another very famous tradition, it is said that once Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) was busy in worshipping Allah Almighty in a deserted place. Suddenly a beautiful heavenly light appeared so that it illuminated everything in between the Heavens and Earth. Hazrat was witnessing this beautiful light in astonishment, when he heard a voice from the light.

The voice called on Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) and said to him:

 “O Abdul Qadir! It is your Lord who is addressing you. We have been satisfied with your efforts and prayers in our path. We bestow you with such a high status amongst our servants that now you are free from the difficulties of worship.”

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a) says about this event:

 “When I looked into my knowledge of the seen and the unseen, I did not find any truth in such an exemption and I thought to myself that our Beloved Prophet (saw) was not granted such a relief and he remained strict in prayers throughout his manifest lifetime. All of this despite the Holy Prophet (saw) being the perfect human being and the King of both worlds.

 If he was not relieved of the observance of prayers then it was not possible that anyone else could be granted such a thing.”

So I recited: “There is no Might or Power except with Allah.”

This recitation exposed the real face of the deceitful satan. The miserable satan said to Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a):

“I have deceived many pious worshippers through this trick of mine. Surely, O Abdul Qadir! Your perfection in knowledge has saved you.”

Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) again recited:

“There is no Might or Power except with Allah” and further said “Get lost! O Miserable One! It is not my knowledge that has saved me from your deceit. Indeed, it is nothing but the blessing and help of Allah the Most High and the Most Powerful, who has saved me from your trickery.”

Satan was greatly disappointed on hearing these words of Hazrat and said:

 “Today I have been absolutely disappointed from you. I will not tempt you again as it is a complete waste of time.”

Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam (r.a) said to satan:

 “I do not believe in your lies, and I take refuge in Allah Almighty against your deceit.”


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  1. G M AAMER JUNAIDI permalink

    Assalamualaikum, mai aap tamaam logaun ka jinhone ye web create karke SHAHINSHAH-E-AULIA{RA} ka zikr kiya hai unka shukriya ada karta hun, aur allaah se dua karta hun ke YA ALLAAH apne HABEEB{sallallaahu alaihi wasallam} ke sadqe wa tufail hamari bakhshish farmaye aur PEERAAN-E-PEER{RA} faiz wa dua ata kare.

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