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Clothing of the Pious

October 17, 2011

The clothing of the Sufis generally known as “gudri” or “a quilt made of patched cloth” is considered a thing of value and the sayings regarding it can be found in abundance. The sources that exhibit this attire can be traced back to the earliest and most special group of believers.

Siddiq-e-Akbar Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a) who was the closest companion of our Beloved Prophet (saw), had achieved such a level of indifference from worldly pleasures that his heart was completely void of this disease. He sacrificed all of his belongings and his slaves in the path of Allah Almighty and wore only the patched clothing called “gudri”.

It was in this state that Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a) came to the Prophet (saw). So our Beloved Prophet (saw) asked him:

“Have you left anything out of your possessions for your household?”

Siddiq-e-Akbar (r.a) humbly replied:

“I have left two endless treasures for them. The first is love of Allah Almighty and the second is obedience of Prophet of Allah Almighty!”

It was in this way that he had given up worldly pleasures and made his heart only the abode of love of Allah Almighty.

When a servant of Allah gives up his desires and thinks not highly of himself, the curtains of ignorance are blown away from their eyes and they are able to see near and far and they become the blessed friends of Allah Almighty wherever they might be, whether they are before us in their life of this world or even in their holy graves.

According to a tradition the Holy Prophet (saw) said:

“Make the wearing of patched cloth compulsory on yourself; you will taste the delight of faith in your hearts!”

In another tradition from a Sahabi, it is said that the Holy Prophet (saw) was used to wearing patched cloth and riding the mule.

Our Beloved Prophet (saw) once said to his beloved wife and the mother of the believers Hazrat Aisha (r.a):

“Do not throw away old clothes until you have fixed them by making patches, and wear patched clothing so that you might taste the delight of faith!”

It is said that the famous caliph Hazrat Farooq-e-Azam (r.a) wore patched clothing that had at least thirty patches on it, and he once said:

“The best clothing is that which is not expensive.”

Hazrat Hasan Basri (r.a) said:

“I have met seventy Sahaba of the battle of badr who wore patched clothing!”

Similarly Hazrat Hasan Basri (r.a) once said:

“I have seen Hazrat Salman Farisi (r.a) wearing patched clothing that had several patches on it.”

When Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham (r.a) came to meet Imam-e-Azam (r.a), he was wearing patched clothing. The companions of Imam-e-Azam (r.a) saw the state of the sufi and looked down upon him. Imam-e-Azam said to them:

“Our leader Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham has arrived!”

When the companions asked from the great Imam how this man had achieved this leadership, Imam-e-Azam (r.a) replied:

“This man is always busy in the service of Allah Almighty while we are always busy in the service of our self. This is why he has become our leader!”

However, despite the traditional sufi clothing, Hazrat Data Ali Hajveri (r.a) says the following on this subject:

“No matter how hard you try to accept the sufi way, it will not accept you. This thing is not achieved by the wearing of patched clothing but by burning in the flame of love of Allah Almighty!

So when a man has become familiar with the essence of the sufi way then even his expensive attire becomes in likeness to the patched clothing of the pious and when a person has become distant from the sufi way then even his patched clothing is only a letter of disapproval and humiliation on the Day of Judgment!”

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