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Hazrat Daud Tai (May Allah bless him)

October 17, 2011

Hazrat Daud Tai (r.a) was a strict adherent to the sufi way and the leader of men of cognition of his time. This great man had the honor of getting education from Imam-e-Azam (r.a) to the extent that he was in close contact with the great Imam for almost a period of two decades and so he got a firm grip on all subjects.

The story of Hazrat Daud’s (r.a) repentance goes like this:

Once he heard another man reciting the following verse of a poem:

Is there a face that didn’t come to dust?

Is there an eye that whose tear didn’t fall to ground?

When Hazrat Daud Tai (r.a) heard this verse he became greatly distressed and it was in such a state that he came to Imam-e-Azam (r.a), and said:

“I am fed up of this world.”

The Imam gave him advice:

“You should now live in solitude.”

So Hazrat Daud (r.a) began living in loneliness only consumed in the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Some time later Imam-e-Azam (r.a) told him:

“Now it is better for you that you live amongst people and meet them, and be patient with them.”

Hazrat Daud (r.a) then lived in the company of elderly saints and learned from their knowledge. He became the vice of Hazrat Habeeb Ra’I (r.a) and gained spiritual guidance from him and achieved a great status through remembrance of the Almighty.

The level of his patience and simplicity was such that he ate simple bread with water and used to say:

“The time that I spend making bread for me, I can recite fifty verses of the Quran in that time.”

Once Abu Bakr Ayash (r.a) went to meet him and saw that he was crying holding bread in his hand. Hazrat Ayash (r.a) asked the reason for his crying like that. Hazrat Daud Tai (r.a) replied:

“My heart is saying that I should eat this bread, but I am not sure whether this food is pure (Halal) or not!”

When people asked him why he was living in solitude, he replied in these words:

“If I sit and spend my time the people of my age, they will not teach me religious education, and if I spend my time with elderly people, they will not make me aware of my faults.

So what good is the company of men?”

When he was asked why he didn’t marry a girl, he replied:

“After marriage you have to provide all necessary provisions to your wife. This becomes your responsibility while the fact is that no one can provide anything to anyone except Allah Almighty, so I do not wish to deceive anyone.”

Then he was asked why he didn’t comb the hair of his beard, so he replied:

“I don’t get spare time from the remembrance of Allah Almighty.”

Once Hazrat Daud Tai (r.a) went on his rooftop to enjoy the beautiful moonlight, but he was so overcome by the Nature of Allah Almighty that he was dazed, and in this state he fell on the roof of his neighbor.

The neighbor thought that maybe a thief had jumped onto his roof, so he took a sword with him and came there, but saw Hazrat Daud (r.a) lying flat on the ground.

The neighbor asked him:

“How did you come here?”

Hazrat Daud (r.a) replied:

“I was dazed and I don’t know who has thrown me here.”

When Hazrat Rabee’ (r.a) requested him to give some advice he said:

  • “Observe fast in this world, and open the fast in the Hereafter.
  • Avoid using bad language and stay clear of the company of people.
  • Prefer your religion over this world and if possible keep your heart pure from thinking about people.
  • The dead are waiting for you, so make preparations for it.
  • It is the rejection of world that leads to Allah Almighty!”

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